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Traditional English Cafe with a Thai Twist


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Meal deals



Breakfast Menu

Served until 12:00
All items available as eat-in or take-away
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Set Breakfasts

Breakfast Sandwiches



Lunch Menu

Served from 12:00Lunch specials are freshly made each day and include a selection of meat and vegetarian dishes, quiches and pizza. Specials are served with fresh salad and a choice of dressing.
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Sandwiches and Toasted Paninis


Jacket Potatoes

 All served with Salad Garnish

BurgersAll served with salad and Garnish


Meal Deals

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Thai Menu

Served from 12:00

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A selection from the above menu will be offered in house, as a meal deal and will include
a 330ml soft drink or 500ml bottle of water for £7.50.

Please see our daily meal deal board or check out our Facebook page for details.


Teas & Coffees

Extra shot of coffee or flavoured syrup for 40p
Add Marshmallows and whipped cream for £1Cold DrinksSee fridge for our selection of cold drinks including juice, cordials, cans and still/sparkling water.

All flavours are low calorie and gluten free

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We offer a selection of bottled lagers, beer, wines + cider

 Bottled Lagers

Bottled Beers

Bottled ciders

Wine by the GlassHouse wine brands will vary according to availability, please ask staff for current
wines avaliable

Alchohol serving times

Please do not be offended if you are asked to prove your age!!

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